Strong partnerships with other community organizations are important to Communities of Transformation (COT). COT seeks to comprehensively address poverty by building alliances to address brokenness in the broader community. COT believes that a community is healthier when agencies, employers, churches, and service organizations work together to ensure each community member has the opportunity to live into his or her full potential.

Ways to Partner

COT is a community initiative...We are always looking for ways to get involved in our local community.

- COT accepts referrals from other organizations that want to help their clients (or employees) move towards self-sufficiency and stability. COT provides an authentic supportive community and safe nurturing atmosphere that promotes learning and personal leadership development.

- COT seeks to connect with organizations to offer information about our program. Contact us for brochures or to schedule an informational meeting.

- COT refers its participants to other local programs, schools, organizations, or employers that will help them reach their goals.

- COT shares resource material from community organizations with our participants.

- COT partners with community organizations for community service projects.

How do I refer a client or employee to COT?

If you know an individual who might be a good fit for COT, talk with him/her about COT’s Awaken class and your belief that this could be a good fit for them – that this could help them make progress toward a better future.

Contact the local COT Site Coordinator to schedule a visit, which allows those interested to learn more about the program.

If the prospective Awaken Student is interested in applying for the program, direct them to the application and check out their local community page.

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