Cost of Povery Experience 

COPE is an interactive simulation that gives a real experience of poverty.

The Cost of Poverty Experience is a 2.5 hour immersive experience that gives you the opportunity to gain a glimpse into the lives of families in our communities that face poverty everyday. Many organizations and communities across the nation use COPE to work more effectively with low-income families. COPE gives participants and volunteers an opportunity to experience poverty firsthand through the eyes of real families. The experiential nature of this training helps organizations and communities more deeply understand the complexities of poverty, paving the way for addressing the issues of poverty more comprehensively.

ThinkTank Inc.

ThinkTank exists to tell the human story of poverty, because all people have value and their stories matter. We bring dignity and opportunity to those living under poverty’s economic and social burden. Our work supports and equips both organizations and people with personal experience who are working together to make our communities stronger.

COT partners with ThinkTank to provide the Cost of Poverty Experience to our communities.

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Upcoming COPE in our Area

COT South Walton is postponing the COPE event that was scheduled for January 29th, 2022 due to COVID. If you have already registered, look for more information from COT South Walton soon. We will reschedule this event for a later time in 2022. More information will be posted here when the event is rescheduled.

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